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John Mayer- My Reasons for loving him!

Published November 9, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

I can’t sleep & I’m in a strange kind of mood tonight. So I thought I’d do a bit of personal stuff & give you the top 50 reasons why I love John Mayer

1. How serious & into his music he gets when performing.
2. He plays multiple instruments including piano which happens to be my favorite next to the cello!
3. Yes, he is incredibly sexy & doesn’t even have to put effort into it.
4. His tattoos are pretty bad ass.
5. He lives in NYC, one of my favorite places on earth.
6. A great sense of humor.
7. His douchebaggery which is just part of that aforementioned sense of humor.
8. He dated Jennifer Aniston (how can you not love her?)
9. Comfortable & the rest of the Inside Wants Out EP
10. His previously unrefined voice that just oozed talent waiting to be unleashed.
11. The cultivated gift that eventually was unleashed in his vocal abilities.
12. He hasn’t married Katy Perry, yet. (but I’m guessing a proposal is on the way around the holidays even though if my momma taught me anything it was: once you make your mind to leave someone no matter how many times you go back you’re still going to split b/c there was a reason you wanted out in the first place! (for the majority anyway) & I don’t like her, but I guess I don’t have to like her.
13. He has actually said, “this is a song about girly parts” LOL
14. Who could forget those lips?!
15. He’s involved in charities like VHIP &
16. He brought his dad on stage in Denver.
17. Something’s Missing…
18. He changes his look almost as often as Madonna & he always looks great!
19. He spontaneously bought a girl a guitar in NYC.
20. Zane Carney!
21. He writes about realistic shit & apparently real people, but it’s cool to have your own song! I’ve got my own song from a friend & while I’m not quite the cat’s pajamas, I’m still pretty fucking cool! LOL I’ll post for you sometime!
22. John Mayer shares his birthday with the likes of: Noah Webster, Bert Kaemfart, Oscar Wilde, & Angela Lansbury (who doesn’t love the tea pot from Beauty & the Beast?)
23. Fruit Vultures!
24. All of his Rolling Stone covers!
25. The John Mayer Trio
26. All the funny faces
27. His shows start on time
28. He used to make time for his fans hopefully will again someday.
29. He does silly things like taking pics of fans taking pics of him
30. There is no John Mayer cologne or perfume
31. He recently leaked his latest CD, Paradise Valley, so we could enjoy before it was available!
32. Some of his songs are a bit cheesy & everyone needs a little cheese from time to time.
33. He’s a pretty good photographer.
34. Versatile! Dressed up or down he always looks like great!
35. He’s friends with Justin Timberlake. I don’t know how good, but I love JT too!
36. He is a connoisseur of time pieces! A good watch is the one accessory I cannot live without! Obviously I’m not up to “John Mayer good” standards, but I love them nonetheless even mine that are about 1/1000 of the cost of JM’s! lol
37. The following is an actual quote, “you know there’s an encore too. The encore is sort of like the condom in the pocket: everybody knows it’s there but nobody talks about it.” Love it!
38. Assassin (strikes me as such a different song from his other stuff)
39. He’s a pervert & never tried to hide it.
40. Dental hygiene is a priority
41. Of all his songs I can name only a few that I can say I don’t really like.
42. He is very grammar conscious.
43. The funny or die video about making a song.
44. That baby face!
45. The mankini!!! hahahaha
46. He does read the signs @ his shows
47. He used to use twitter & instagram quite often (that was fun. wish he’d start again)
48. Randall the camera fellow! nice guy!
49. The Christmas sweater he had on for Ellen
50. The diversity of his albums!

Feel free to leave me your reasons if I missed them in my own list!

Ciao dearies!

John Mayer Cancels 11/19 &11/20 & other ramblings

Published November 3, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Wanted to let everyone know that sadly for some unknown reason (to me at least) John Mayer has canceled the 11/19/13 show in Moline, IL & the 11/20/13 show in Sioux City, IA. I just happened to notice a couple of days ago & I’m not really sure why. I do however, know that Zane Carney is having vocal issues with proposed surgery on 11/15/13.  So perhaps he needs a bit more recuperation time? I’m not quite sure, but I do feel bad for those who were waiting to see John Mayer & family!  I would be so terribly brokenhearted! Hell, I’ve seen them 8 times already & still am absolutely crushed that I couldn’t get great seats to see them one last time in December!!!! And we’re so spoiled that I won’t buy anything less than the best seats. I’m going to keep watching, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Stupid me, should have bought them when they were on pre sale for Citi card members!!!!! UGH, what in the world was I thinking? I already know what I was thinking, “we’ve been to 8 shows & he rarely changes it up, put the cash towards a real vacation!” No doubt, it was one of my “I don’t like him anymore days!” lol It’s a very sensitive relationship we have with Mr. Mayer. Morgan has these days as well, but no matter what, we always love him in the end!!!!!!

Regardless of my feelings, I truly hope not to many of you will be  affected & if you really love John Mayer  are able to catch a show somewhere else close by you. I’m not all that familiar with the Midwest.  Sorry for the sad news!  And we do wish Zane Carney a speedy recovery & not only because we love him & were going to try to see him again solo in NYC, but he’s just so damn adorable & magnificently talented!

On a side note John Mayer played twice on the BBC Two on the show Later With Jools Holland!  Sorry that’s late info, but if you happen to have the channel maybe the play reruns?   I really don’t know.  I am not a TV person.

Another tidbit of info for you:   you have 11 days remaining to enter the “Taste of Country John Mayer tickets with a meet & greet!”  So you better get on it if you’re interested!  It might make up for someone missing those 2 canceled shows…

                                                                                                    Here’s the entry link:

And here is Morgan’s Jack-o-lantern incase you didn’t get to check it out with the link I used the other day for a different contest….



John Mayer finished European leg of tour 10-26-13

Published October 30, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

John Mayer played the last of his shows in Europe for this leg of the tour on October 26, 2013 @ Wembley Arena in London (I sure hope he crossed Abbey Road while in London.  Crossing over should be done on every trip to London and if he had told us we could have watched it live on my “Abbey Road Cam App”.  That would have been nifty!) The show was sold out as just about every other show in Europe had been!  What a rush that must be!  I wonder if he wakes up and says to himself, “so what’s playing in front of 20,000 people, no big deal!) But seriously, does John Mayer or any other “big time” celebrity for that matter get stage fright? I practically pee my pants when singing in a bar in front of 30 people. I just cannot even imagine…Sorry to go off in a different direction on you.  Back to the here and now,  I’m guessing he’s back in NYC or maybe he took an extended holiday abroad, who knows. Whatever his plans he has a bit of time off from touring until 11/19 when he’ll resume the Born and Raised Tour in Moline, IL. He has been pushing so hard for so long he definitely deserves a bit of a break! He’s certainly put his all into his performances. Now lets hope he takes some time to let his voice and body rest. Without a doubt he’s earned it!

Now I’m going to let you in on a thought I had about this European tour.  You can feel free to leave me a comment; let me know if you agree or maybe you think I’m off my bloody rocker.  Did anyone else notice that our precious and adored John Mayer’s appearance seemed to change for Europe?  He seemed to have a nice little hair trim and lost his headband and brought back a lot of flannel!  OK, I do not have a problem or issue with any of these things, but just wondered if I was imagining things.  We saw that head band (or one very similar)  in every show in the US except the Hollywood Bowl just before he left.  And another thing which is heading off topic slightly, but not,  what happened to that little medicine pouch JM wore for the first month or so?  He wore it for every show including our first 2 or 3 and then :poof: never saw it again.  Back to where I was originally heading.   My thoughts was, “Did Mr. Mayer’s PR people encourage him to change his image back to his youthful days for the trip to Europe?”  He looks great either way, but was someone worried they weren’t ready for John’s newer more bohemian fashion sense in Europe?   Hell, they’re much more laid back than we are here in the US and I took notice several months ago that many of those shows were sold out completely very early.  I wouldn’t have thought appearance would be a concern.

I’m not going to list all the set lists from the shows in Europe since most shows continue to be the same songs. (good for the prevention of my hissy fits! lol) JM does continue to change up a few songs at each show the way he has all the way through the tour thus far. Even brought out a few we haven’t heard yet like Blues Run the Game by Jackson Frank, I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen & Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan (VERY COOL). He also threw in a few of his own that we rarely get to hear: Daughters, No Such Thing, and Walt Grace(I’M SO DAMN JEALOUS, I LOVE WALT GRACE!!!!!) After perusing the social media sites for all hashtags pertinient to John Mayer I’d think it’s safe to say, “Europe loves John Mayer as much as we do here in the US! And why shouldn’t they? He’s John Fucking Mayer for Christ’s sake!!!!   Who wouldn’t love him?!?!

Zane Carney’s Release of “Confluence” in NYC 9-9-13

Published October 12, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Well, even though this post isn’t directly about John Mayer it is where I left off when I stopped blogging awhile back.

On 9-9-13 Morgan & I went to see Zane Carney perform live at The Rockwood Musichall in the Bowery in NYC. This acoustic solo performance was celebrating the release of Zane’s solo debut EP Confluence. There was no doubt in my mind that Zane Carney was going to be fantastic! And I was most certainly not disenchanted!

Zane Carney is a singer/songwriter who I have mentioned before, as I feel he has the talent & magnetism to really go somewhere in the music industry! He does remind me of our adored John Mayer from years gone by with his charming baby face, raw talent, & charisma! With quite a list of accomplishments for his 28 years including: currently touring with John Mayer & playing on John’s latest album Paradise Valley, playing for Spiderman-Turn off the Dark on Broadway, & co-founding the band Carney with his brother Reeve just to name a few, he has certainly already proven his talent & ability.

Let me tell you, it was really impressive to see him stepping to the forefront! Whereas his brother Reeve Carney took center stage in Carney, now we got Zane right there front & center doing his thing: writing, playing, singing! And what a voice! While he & his brother sound so much alike, a great deal of Reeve’s sound in Carney was more forlorn & doleful. Zane’s solo music is more rousing & lighthearted! Zane is able to make listeners forget he’s singing about tears or being broken hearted with catchy lyrics & crafty melodies, not to mention an honesty & sincerity that is palpable. Now before anyone comes at me for “hating” on the band Carney or Reeve, I’m not saying anything bad or even good about either just pointing out the differences. We need forlorn just as much as we need rousing to make life interesting!

Zane packed the tiny room of The Rockwood Musichall! It was an amazing show for which we were right there in the front! It was FANFRIGGINTASTIC! What made it even more awesome was that Zane made special arrangements for Morgan, who is not 21 to be able to get in! That’s one to remember forever! He really is a great guy & super friendly! Success & being in the spot light has not tainted him yet & I hope it never does!

After his incredible show we were able to purchase download cards of Confluence which Zane autographed for everyone & posed for picture after picture! It was a great night! Be sure not to overlook this cat! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: He’s going places, bank on it!

Check out Zane Carney “Confluence” on iTunes!
& Zane’s website

Off to see Zane Carney in nyc for his debut solo release

Published September 9, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that we’re back in NYC to see Zane Carney live @ the Rockwood Musichall for the release of his debut solo album, Confluence. I’ve raved about him from the beginning. Check out some of my older posts with links to his YouTube videos! He really is fantastic & pulled some strings for my Morgan to get in even though its 21 & older! Will keep you all posted, but I’m sure he will not disappoint!

My John Mayer pics from The Borgata in Atlantic City 9-1-13

Published September 8, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

The first photo is of my daughter, Morgan & Zane Carney! He was so cool & totally made the trip worth it! I don’t know if I posted it or not, but I don’t think I did. If so, here it is again! LoL






One last show in Atlantic City!

Published September 1, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

So my spontaneous side got the better of me again! I decided last minute we needed to see John Mayer one last time since we missed out on the Jones Beach show & the whole trip turned into such a disaster.

So off to the Borgata we went this afternoon with tickets already purchased this time (for standing room only!). Ugh, what was I thinking ? Well we had to wait all squished in like sardines for an hour before the show started. And if you haven’t noticed, ima big girl & I don’t handle heat too well big or not. So I lasted only about half the show standing on the floor. But really, what did I miss? Same songs & not much interaction. The Borgata is a nice, smaller, more intimate venue. We had hoped JM would be more chatty, but sadly not. He sounded excellent as always, but a lot of people have walked by me here as I’ve been relaxing in a nice comfy chair complaining about how “he sucks, he doesn’t talk to anyone, he’s so detached.” I also heard him compared to a lot of other performers who people are saying seen so much friendlier. (I’m going to refrain from names here). As far as that goes I think I have to agree. He just doesn’t seem friendly anymore. That last time we saw him in Allentown he was, but really that’s all I’ve seen from him. And truth be told I am a bit disappointed. Musically though he NEVER disappoints! Do that has to account for something!

The best part of the entire night is we met Zane Carney, John Mayer’s guitarist whom I have discussed before! Not only is he an awesome musician, but he’s a really cool guy! He actually came up to us!!!! And said, “I saw you guys first!” How freaking awesome is that! So we’ve been on Zane’s Instagram, he answered Morgan on tumblr, retweeted me, recognized us, posed for a pic, welcomed Morgan with a hug, & gave us an autograph!!! I just absolutely love him! Can’t wait to see him solo sometime soon!

Sadly our John Mayer chase has officially come to a close at least as far as the Born & Raised tour is concerned. I am sure though that there will be more to let you know sometime in the near future! For now, ciao!

Our Last John Mayer Show Tomorrow in Allentown!

Published August 27, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

I’m having a difficult time sleeping tonight which really isn’t a “new” phenomenon really. I’ve had chronic insomnia for 25 years. It’s FANFRIGGINTASTIC, but it does work when you’re a night shift nurse! Anyway, it’s the night before our last official road trip for the Born and Raised Tour with John Mayer! Boy, it sure came and went fast. Morgan and I both agree that the occasional stress (sometimes more frequent than occasional) and nonsense was all very worth it! We met some cool people, had a lot of laughs, became twitter and instagram famous, found some really great new music from Phillip Phillips & Zane Carney that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, made a lot of stupendous memories, and had an overall fantastic time!!!! We’re just sad that now it’s going to be all over. We don’t have anything to look forward to anymore. lol If only I had the finances to see John Mayer in Europe! That would be a combination of my hobbies; traveling to Europe and music (especially John Mayer’s.) Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen and it’s back to the real world for Morgan and I.

Tomorrow is show number 7 of 7.  We’ll be traveling to the Allentown Fair which is where I actually won John Mayer tickets from . I suppose ending with winning tickets is a pretty cool way to go out!!!! I can’t wait to see what type of seats we’ll have! I’m pretty excited since I’ve never won anything in my entire life! I also figure if we are going to have any shot at all of meeting anyone including even phillip Phillips (cuz I just love him) it’ll probably be if they’re walking around the fair, right? We don’t even know if Phillip is going to be there or if it’s just going to be John Mayer.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Talk to you all soon and don’t forget to check out It’s a great site with some great ideas put together by some great people! Hopefully that link works! Oh that reminds me, we may have one last chance to see JM in Central Park in September at the Global Citizens Festival if we can make it there. We already have tickets. Now it’s just a matter of planning and luck!