Hi all, my name is Stephanie Chilewski.  My daughter, Morgan & I both adore John Mayer!  We’re so excited he’s started touring again that we’ve decided we are going to as many shows as we can this summer!  2013 is Morgan’s last official summer to have fun after graduating high school & I’m a 30 something single mother on the cusp of a midlife crisis!  LOL  This is an account of how we go about “chasing John Mayer” while trying not to lose my job, go broke, or get into any trouble!  Without a doubt things are going to get a little crazy along the way & I thought I’d share our love of all things John Mayer & our journey with all of you.

Please tell us your stories about John!  Let us know if you’ve seen the show, met him, have any info to share!

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    • Thank you very much for your support & encouragement! Sadly, although I really enjoy writing, I don’t have a great deal of extra time to go off on my long winded rants. lol And I have a lot of followers who do love the pics & videos so I try to do some of both. Hope you keep reading & thank you again!!

  • I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Unfortunately, I cannot give you much advice as I am pretty new to the whole world of blogging myself & am lost when it comes to computer jargon! Sorry!

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