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My John Mayer pics from The Borgata in Atlantic City 9-1-13

Published September 8, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

The first photo is of my daughter, Morgan & Zane Carney! He was so cool & totally made the trip worth it! I don’t know if I posted it or not, but I don’t think I did. If so, here it is again! LoL






John Mayer ROCKED Camden 8-23-13

Published August 25, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

John Mayer was certainly “in the zone” on Friday when we saw him in Camden, NJ! What an amazing show!!!! Definitely the best we’ve seen thus far! The crowd was into it, the band was into it, and John Mayer was certainly into it! There was a kind of electricity in the air that I haven’t felt yet on this tour. What a fantastic show! We got to see John pull out the piano to play “I Will Be Found” from Paradise Valley for the first time this tour (well I didn’t, but Morgan and everyone else not having a hissy fit did). I believe he played it on 8-21-13 in Holmdel, NJ, but we couldn’t make that show. So it was a first for us. And what about that Zane Carney?!?! He let into a seriously intense guitar solo and he’s damn good! Keep you eye on that kid! I’m going to post you some of his youtube videos later. I’m seriously impressed! All in all, it was an astounding show!

Of course something always has to go wrong or we’d think we were dead, right? My review of the venue is far less flattering than that of the artists performing. First of all Camden isn’t known for being the “nicest” place in the U.S. especially for a couple ladies from the quaint little suburb of Clarks Summit, Pa. So we get there early as we do for all shows and not because we party or tailgate, but just to get our bearings and decent parking. There are who knows how many parking lots all over the place and none of them are open. Finally I ask a sheriff when we can park. Not until 4:30! Are you kidding me?????? I guess the law enforcement of Camden really feels tailgating is a bad idea. lol And forget about free parking! Live Nation makes a mint off the parking in Camden, let me tell you! $25 a car no matter where you parked and they did have “live nation parking” signs all over them. The center itself is a very nice place. Lots of concession stands so you didn’t have to wait forever for a water or libation of choice. So that was pretty cool. I’ve been to the Susquehanna Bank Center one time previously and I had seats back in the 200 section not nearly as close to the stage as we were this time. Our seats were front row to the left side of the stage and unfortunately for some unknown reason they don’t set up the bands in the center of the stage. They were more off center to the right side. Which for our intents and purposes was ok. We weren’t on top of John Mayer, but we could still see very well and that’s enough to make us happy! Plus we were right in front of Zane and I’m liking him more and more each time we see him! I did feel bad for the people behind us and further to the left, because there was at least one full section that was A LOT farther off to the left than we were. That would have been disappointing. However, those folks should be thanking whatever higher being they happen to believe in that they weren’t down closer to the stage. From the moment we sat down Morgan kept asking me what that nasty “porta-potty” smell was. Come to find out, there were grates in the floor directly in front of the stage and it was the smell of sewage!!!!! YES, you read correctly! Sewage! Apparently this isn’t something new because the security guys (you know the ones that stand there by the stage looking all tough and miserable as fuck) knew exactly what everyone was talking about when it was mentioned. Talk about nasty! At one point I actually had to leave for fresh air. I literally felt nauseous! Completely unacceptable! I plan on sending the Center itself and Live Nation an email about that! My only other problem with the place was that the people there are seriously like animals! No wonder they can’t park early or tailgate. The ladies room had no attendant which is unusual, but holy crap! The concert goers tore the ladies room apart!!! No kidding, The soap dispensers were torn off the walls, the paper towel holders were broken apart, there was vomit, urine, and trash everywhere! I’ve seen my share of nasty bar bathrooms and this was disgusting! I wouldn’t even use it and I know it wasn’t like that when the place opened and I previously used it. But even with all these things to bitch about, It was a such a great night!!!!!

We got a bit miffed though, because exactly one week earlier, Morgan took a rose for John Mayer to Darien Lake. Well, we couldn’t hand it to him so we finally tossed it up on stage and he never acknowledged it. Just walked right over it like it wasn’t there. So we said ‘ok, well shit happens.’ Fast forward one week later to a middle aged woman with a poster, flower, and a balloon that towards the end of the show she holds up and JM says “oh thanks you, you didn’t have to, but I’ll take those.” HOLD UP NOW, what was that? Yeah, and what makes it worse was she was right next to us and while I don’t expect to get any kind of acknowledgement or public recognition I do know that John Mayer and band have seen us and do recognize us from being at so many shows so close together. So, maybe it hurt my feelings or maybe it was my hormones, but I was PISSED! While he was standing there in front of us I actually called him an asshole and walked out for the last 2 songs and the encore! Perhaps not my classiest moment, but hey, I have feelings too and I happen to be more concerned with those of my daughter’s than even my own! And after looking at her face at that particular moment, he’s lucky he wasn’t standing next to me. Or maybe I’m lucky, because my motherly instincts kicked in and I probably would have ended up in jail! lol

In the end though, when they were done with the encore Zane Carney did specifically point to Morgan and tossed his guitar pick right to her. She was thrilled, but sadly, I missed her moment because of my temper tantrum. She was a bit upset with me, because I wasn’t there to take part in her happiness and then I felt like an even bigger schmuck! She forgave John Mayer his transgressions almost immediately. Me?  Well it took me a bit longer and even longer to forgive myself for not being there for her!

Stay tunes for some pics and see the setlist below:

Queen of California
Paper Doll
Who Says
Fool to Love You
Something Like Olivia
Dear Marie
Goin’ Down the Road
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Your Body is a Wonderland
Free Falling
Waiting on the World to Change
Waiting on the Day
Half of my Heart
I don’t Trust Myself
If I ever Get Around to Living
Born and Raised
Age of Worry
I Will Be Found