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Zane Carney’s Release of “Confluence” in NYC 9-9-13

Published October 12, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Well, even though this post isn’t directly about John Mayer it is where I left off when I stopped blogging awhile back.

On 9-9-13 Morgan & I went to see Zane Carney perform live at The Rockwood Musichall in the Bowery in NYC. This acoustic solo performance was celebrating the release of Zane’s solo debut EP Confluence. There was no doubt in my mind that Zane Carney was going to be fantastic! And I was most certainly not disenchanted!

Zane Carney is a singer/songwriter who I have mentioned before, as I feel he has the talent & magnetism to really go somewhere in the music industry! He does remind me of our adored John Mayer from years gone by with his charming baby face, raw talent, & charisma! With quite a list of accomplishments for his 28 years including: currently touring with John Mayer & playing on John’s latest album Paradise Valley, playing for Spiderman-Turn off the Dark on Broadway, & co-founding the band Carney with his brother Reeve just to name a few, he has certainly already proven his talent & ability.

Let me tell you, it was really impressive to see him stepping to the forefront! Whereas his brother Reeve Carney took center stage in Carney, now we got Zane right there front & center doing his thing: writing, playing, singing! And what a voice! While he & his brother sound so much alike, a great deal of Reeve’s sound in Carney was more forlorn & doleful. Zane’s solo music is more rousing & lighthearted! Zane is able to make listeners forget he’s singing about tears or being broken hearted with catchy lyrics & crafty melodies, not to mention an honesty & sincerity that is palpable. Now before anyone comes at me for “hating” on the band Carney or Reeve, I’m not saying anything bad or even good about either just pointing out the differences. We need forlorn just as much as we need rousing to make life interesting!

Zane packed the tiny room of The Rockwood Musichall! It was an amazing show for which we were right there in the front! It was FANFRIGGINTASTIC! What made it even more awesome was that Zane made special arrangements for Morgan, who is not 21 to be able to get in! That’s one to remember forever! He really is a great guy & super friendly! Success & being in the spot light has not tainted him yet & I hope it never does!

After his incredible show we were able to purchase download cards of Confluence which Zane autographed for everyone & posed for picture after picture! It was a great night! Be sure not to overlook this cat! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: He’s going places, bank on it!

Check out Zane Carney “Confluence” on iTunes!
& Zane’s website ZaneCarney.com