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Last minute details for John Mayer show #1 on 8-6-13

Published August 2, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Here we are 4 days away from the first of our John Mayer concerts in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio. It almost seems impossible how quickly the time flew by. Today we’re going to do some last minute preparations i.e. house cleaning for the dog sitters, shopping for last minute necessities, cleaning the bug. All part of the travel process I truly hate! lol

We also got a new video recorder that we have to get a 2nd battery & an SD card for. I’m feeling kind of lazy today. Better have a cup of coffee & get a move on it.

On a different note, I wonder what JM has been doing with his free time the last several days. Haven’t seen many posts on any of his blogs except a pic of a 18 wheeler advertising Katy Perry & a grade school class photo. Hmmm, he really does seem to be much tighter lipped & keeping his “personal time” more personal. Come on John, Throw us a bone!! We miss you!!!

here are a few John Mayer adorably cute funny faces to brighten your day!





Good morning! We’re one week away & here are some amusing JM faces too

Published July 30, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

As the excitement & anticipation continue to build with just one week left until our chase actually begins my daughter is busy worrying about the important issues like which shoes go best with which outfit. I on the other hand, am dealing with the less significant details like renewing the car registration & having a tune up done for our 9 hour trek to Michigan! As it should be I suppose. You’re only young once which also reminds me that all that time in a VW beetle is probably going to be worse on me than on her! Nonetheless, we are both super stoked about both shows for next week & hoping John takes this time to revive & catch up on some rest. We want him at his best. Soon I’ll begin my obsessive list making process to decide what exactly is needed for all these upcoming road trips. Lets not forget the vodka! Might need some of that right now! Well, I leave you for this morning with some more of JM’s comical faces!




Video clip of JM doing that cute butt shake thing

Published July 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

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"This is bound to be a while"

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Probably a little shallow & most guys won’t appreciate this one, but I DO!