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John Mayer – Allentown Fair 8-27-13

Published August 31, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Well our last official show was the Allentown Fair on August 27, 2013. This was the show we received free tickets for from that we actually hadn’t planned on attending. Allentown is only about an hour and half from where we live. So it wasn’t a long trip. We figured it be a great way to end a run of shows by having a fun time at a fair. We had hoped that the tickets would be decent and we were pretty excited and pretty sad at the same time! What in the world were we going to look forward to now?

We got there super early b/c where I come from fairs open really early. Well, not in Allentown! We sat for about 3 hours waiting for the gates to open, but at least we got awesome parking! lol

John Mayer was in rare form this night. Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but it would appear he was under the influence of “something.” Personally, I enjoy him this way! He was more like his old self: chatty and silly, funny and rambling at times! It was great! Music wise he was outstanding as always. Definitely not his musically best performance, but most certainly the best entertainment wise! He brought a girl up and autographed her arm for a tattoo which seriously set Morgan on fire because it has been our goal all a long that if we met him we’d get his autograph tattooed! Overall, I just felt like he interacted more with the crowd and that was great to see even if it wasn’t us!

This would have been my favorite show by far if only we had better seats. Now I am familiar with the old adage that “beggars can’t be choosers,” but I think 2 things happened here. 1. We went to so many shows and had awesome seats for all of them that we were a tad bit spoiled. and 2. We had our hopes up that seeing as how they gave away one set of tickets at a show they might be good tickets. Unfortunately for us, they really kinda sucked. Granted there were worse seats, but not many. I feel like such a wretch saying that, but it is true. We were in the back section wayyyyyyy to the right of the stage so you couldn’t see much and the jumbotron screens were very hard to see. BUT the tunes were awesome as always and we got to be there to see the “old John” resurface. So it was very much worth the trip and did I mention the 96 degree weather? Yeah, that was tough! Couldn’t even enjoy us some fair food! (not that we need it anyway) lol

Here’s the setlist from the Allentown Fair 8-27-13
Queen of California
Paper Doll
I Don’t Trust Myself
Fool to Love You
Something Like Olivia
Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad
Love is a Verb
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Free Falling
Your Body is a Wonderland
Born and Raised
Waiting on the Day
Who Says
Half of My Heart
Age of Worry
Waiting on the World to Change
Face to Call Home


Our Last John Mayer Show Tomorrow in Allentown!

Published August 27, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

I’m having a difficult time sleeping tonight which really isn’t a “new” phenomenon really. I’ve had chronic insomnia for 25 years. It’s FANFRIGGINTASTIC, but it does work when you’re a night shift nurse! Anyway, it’s the night before our last official road trip for the Born and Raised Tour with John Mayer! Boy, it sure came and went fast. Morgan and I both agree that the occasional stress (sometimes more frequent than occasional) and nonsense was all very worth it! We met some cool people, had a lot of laughs, became twitter and instagram famous, found some really great new music from Phillip Phillips & Zane Carney that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, made a lot of stupendous memories, and had an overall fantastic time!!!! We’re just sad that now it’s going to be all over. We don’t have anything to look forward to anymore. lol If only I had the finances to see John Mayer in Europe! That would be a combination of my hobbies; traveling to Europe and music (especially John Mayer’s.) Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen and it’s back to the real world for Morgan and I.

Tomorrow is show number 7 of 7.  We’ll be traveling to the Allentown Fair which is where I actually won John Mayer tickets from . I suppose ending with winning tickets is a pretty cool way to go out!!!! I can’t wait to see what type of seats we’ll have! I’m pretty excited since I’ve never won anything in my entire life! I also figure if we are going to have any shot at all of meeting anyone including even phillip Phillips (cuz I just love him) it’ll probably be if they’re walking around the fair, right? We don’t even know if Phillip is going to be there or if it’s just going to be John Mayer.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Talk to you all soon and don’t forget to check out It’s a great site with some great ideas put together by some great people! Hopefully that link works! Oh that reminds me, we may have one last chance to see JM in Central Park in September at the Global Citizens Festival if we can make it there. We already have tickets. Now it’s just a matter of planning and luck!

Holy Cow! So awesome! I won tickets to see JM!!!

Published August 6, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

So, it’s terribly late & I should be in bed for the big day tomorrow, but I had to share this phenomenal news with you all! A little while back I stumbled on this website . They encourage people to get involved with fighting/promoting different global issues like poverty, preventable diseases, family planning for women & girls, etc. Well for each issue you take part in you earn points. You can then trade in so many points to enter into a drawing for tickets to see specific artists who are working with . There are tons of musician involved (John Mayer, Dierks Bentley, Jay Z, just to name a few)

Anyway, These artists have agreed to give one set of tickets from their “personal stash” (whatever that means) to the person who wins them in the lottery they used their points toward. They make it seem like they are “good” seats, but even if they aren’t just the idea of winning them while helping out some pretty good global issues is pretty damn cool! My daughter & I Spent a lot of time reading articles & signing petitions (for excellent causes, btw) & used all our points to enter to win tickets for shows we don’t already buy tickets for! Guess what, I won! Got the email this afternoon that I’ll be getting 2 tickets to see JM @ the Allentown Fair on August 27!!!!! What an absolutely incredible way to start our John Mayer chase! I was super excited before; now I’m seriously bouncing off walls I’m so pumped! I have a great feeling about this month. It’s going to literally ROCK!

Time to get some rest for the big drive tomorrow! See you there! Be sure to check out not just for the chance to win free tickets to see some of your favorite artists, but b/c it’s a fantastic way to help those in need!