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John MAyer loves Veterans & so do we

Published November 24, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

ok this is totally non John Mayer related, but I have a favor of all my loyal fans! a radio station in new jersey is running a contest for veteran’s day. the 10 finalists are on the page with their stories. Hey John Mayer is very involved with charities for veterans so maybe it’s not so unrelated after all!!!!!

anyway, there are less than 2 hours left for voting! It ends at midnight EST! please, please, please use the link below & vote for “Bob from Toms River!” Kencis is a friend of mine & she deserves this $10,000 home makeover!!!!

I’m begging you! remember it ends in 2 hours & you can vote repeatedly! Why not do a little something to help a veteran & mother out while adding a few coins to your karma bank!


John Mayer’s Hologram video…Hilarious

Published November 18, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

This is funnier than hell & definitely rates in my top 5 John Mayer videos!!!!  I love that he has such a great sense of humor he can do these kinds of things!

John Mayer sings “Fruit Vultures?” lol

Published August 1, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Found this from a few years back & I love it! I just adore John Mayer! He’s so fun & has an outstanding sense of humor! Here’s to praying he retains it forever & doesn’t ever become to serious! Do you here that Mr. Mayer? DO NOT LET YOURSELF BECOME OVERLY EARNEST! Those of us that fell in love with you way back when fell in love with your silliness & never minded any time you may have inadvertently ended up with your foot in your mouth!