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John Mayer Cancels 11/19 &11/20 & other ramblings

Published November 3, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Wanted to let everyone know that sadly for some unknown reason (to me at least) John Mayer has canceled the 11/19/13 show in Moline, IL & the 11/20/13 show in Sioux City, IA. I just happened to notice a couple of days ago & I’m not really sure why. I do however, know that Zane Carney is having vocal issues with proposed surgery on 11/15/13.  So perhaps he needs a bit more recuperation time? I’m not quite sure, but I do feel bad for those who were waiting to see John Mayer & family!  I would be so terribly brokenhearted! Hell, I’ve seen them 8 times already & still am absolutely crushed that I couldn’t get great seats to see them one last time in December!!!! And we’re so spoiled that I won’t buy anything less than the best seats. I’m going to keep watching, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Stupid me, should have bought them when they were on pre sale for Citi card members!!!!! UGH, what in the world was I thinking? I already know what I was thinking, “we’ve been to 8 shows & he rarely changes it up, put the cash towards a real vacation!” No doubt, it was one of my “I don’t like him anymore days!” lol It’s a very sensitive relationship we have with Mr. Mayer. Morgan has these days as well, but no matter what, we always love him in the end!!!!!!

Regardless of my feelings, I truly hope not to many of you will be  affected & if you really love John Mayer  are able to catch a show somewhere else close by you. I’m not all that familiar with the Midwest.  Sorry for the sad news!  And we do wish Zane Carney a speedy recovery & not only because we love him & were going to try to see him again solo in NYC, but he’s just so damn adorable & magnificently talented!

On a side note John Mayer played twice on the BBC Two on the show Later With Jools Holland!  Sorry that’s late info, but if you happen to have the channel maybe the play reruns?   I really don’t know.  I am not a TV person.

Another tidbit of info for you:   you have 11 days remaining to enter the “Taste of Country John Mayer tickets with a meet & greet!”  So you better get on it if you’re interested!  It might make up for someone missing those 2 canceled shows…

                                                                                                    Here’s the entry link:


And here is Morgan’s Jack-o-lantern incase you didn’t get to check it out with the link I used the other day for a different contest….




John Mayer finished European leg of tour 10-26-13

Published October 30, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

John Mayer played the last of his shows in Europe for this leg of the tour on October 26, 2013 @ Wembley Arena in London (I sure hope he crossed Abbey Road while in London.  Crossing over should be done on every trip to London and if he had told us we could have watched it live on my “Abbey Road Cam App”.  That would have been nifty!) The show was sold out as just about every other show in Europe had been!  What a rush that must be!  I wonder if he wakes up and says to himself, “so what’s playing in front of 20,000 people, no big deal!) But seriously, does John Mayer or any other “big time” celebrity for that matter get stage fright? I practically pee my pants when singing in a bar in front of 30 people. I just cannot even imagine…Sorry to go off in a different direction on you.  Back to the here and now,  I’m guessing he’s back in NYC or maybe he took an extended holiday abroad, who knows. Whatever his plans he has a bit of time off from touring until 11/19 when he’ll resume the Born and Raised Tour in Moline, IL. He has been pushing so hard for so long he definitely deserves a bit of a break! He’s certainly put his all into his performances. Now lets hope he takes some time to let his voice and body rest. Without a doubt he’s earned it!

Now I’m going to let you in on a thought I had about this European tour.  You can feel free to leave me a comment; let me know if you agree or maybe you think I’m off my bloody rocker.  Did anyone else notice that our precious and adored John Mayer’s appearance seemed to change for Europe?  He seemed to have a nice little hair trim and lost his headband and brought back a lot of flannel!  OK, I do not have a problem or issue with any of these things, but just wondered if I was imagining things.  We saw that head band (or one very similar)  in every show in the US except the Hollywood Bowl just before he left.  And another thing which is heading off topic slightly, but not,  what happened to that little medicine pouch JM wore for the first month or so?  He wore it for every show including our first 2 or 3 and then :poof: never saw it again.  Back to where I was originally heading.   My thoughts was, “Did Mr. Mayer’s PR people encourage him to change his image back to his youthful days for the trip to Europe?”  He looks great either way, but was someone worried they weren’t ready for John’s newer more bohemian fashion sense in Europe?   Hell, they’re much more laid back than we are here in the US and I took notice several months ago that many of those shows were sold out completely very early.  I wouldn’t have thought appearance would be a concern.

I’m not going to list all the set lists from the shows in Europe since most shows continue to be the same songs. (good for the prevention of my hissy fits! lol) JM does continue to change up a few songs at each show the way he has all the way through the tour thus far. Even brought out a few we haven’t heard yet like Blues Run the Game by Jackson Frank, I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen & Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan (VERY COOL). He also threw in a few of his own that we rarely get to hear: Daughters, No Such Thing, and Walt Grace(I’M SO DAMN JEALOUS, I LOVE WALT GRACE!!!!!) After perusing the social media sites for all hashtags pertinient to John Mayer I’d think it’s safe to say, “Europe loves John Mayer as much as we do here in the US! And why shouldn’t they? He’s John Fucking Mayer for Christ’s sake!!!!   Who wouldn’t love him?!?!

My Rant Re: the John Mayer Jimmy Kimmel interview

Published October 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

To start let’s just briefly mention how dapper  JM is looking for this show. All spiffed out with a fancy suit which does look stunning even though it doesn’t look like our typical John Mayer as of late. I’m dying to know why he got all decked out for Jimmy Kimmel. He wore what seems to have become his normal attire (denim shirt, khakis, more hippie like) for the Today Show & David Letterman. Perhaps he felt the need to be all chic for LA & but not NYC? Don’t know, but I should mention he did return to his “own” style when he played on Jimmy Kimmel that same night. It was a relief to see.   Although he looked debonair in his fancy threads, it’s just not him & I don’t think he’d have looked quite right playing in his fancy suit! lol

Anywho, in the first segment of this interview the charismatic, loveable, crooner who cast his spell on all of us is immediately evident with his adorable smile & quick witted humor. It’s so easy to remember why we fell in love with John Mayer in the first place. It seems as if he can do no wrong. He’s not making any type of off color or inappropriate comments that the masses like to hound him for. Gosh, he’s just so damn loveable & that baby face!?! Oh what can I say…

In the second part of the interview JM talks about living in the small town in Montana. Still he continues to dazzle us with his charm & wit. Getting off on a side topic here John Mayer Fords really blow. Go with a Dodge they look nicer, ride more comfortably, & steer better! I personally am a Dodge pickup girl & always will be! If you want fancier probably more close to your Land Rover, Chevy is probably the classiest. Sorry about that all, lol. Back to the conversation at hand, here is where I started to see things taking a bit of a change. JM makes a comment about living in a small town & signing autographs. He cites the reason for signing that “he will see them tomorrow.” While I think there was a bit of humor behind this comment, all I can think of is that poor girl in Starbucks back in July or August that he photo bombed instead of posing for a pic with her. I feel so sorry for that poor girl & if that had never happened I wouldn’t think twice about this “seeing people tomorrow” comment. Unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking that most certainly is not a reason to give your fans an autograph! And it breaks my poor little heart that this is how John Mayer is thinking these days. There once was a time I thought he truly loved his fans & I’m praying that time is not lost! Please come back to us JM!!!!!! When they called you a “douche” in the past they just didn’t understand you! Please do not become some aloof asshole!

This leads us up to part 3 of this interview. Here is where I became personally offended.  John began talking about touring & shows. People with phones taking video or pics are mentioned at this point. John Mayer discusses how the fans in South America were all going so crazy & he returned back to the states & didn’t get the same reaction. He gets into detail about how everyone has a phone in his or her hands & he has to check instagram after the fact to really see how people reacted to the shows in the U.S. This hurts me for more than one reason. First of all, as we all know Morgan & I have seen John Mayer 8 times this tour & of those 8 times some crowds were a bit more wild or energetic than others, but ALL were certainly thrilled & excited! Regarding the whole phone thing the United States has at least twice as many smart phones per capita than any of the countries of South America. So this may be one reason you didn’t see as many phones at these shows. But most importantly, I wonder if our dear John Mayer has forgotten what it’s like to be the menial lackey, to be the kid in the audience who’s ready to explode with anticipation & excitement at having great seats to see someone whom they adore or worship. Of course anyone with a smart phone or camera is going to want to video tape or take a million photos to remember this occasion (how often does one end up in the front of a show) & they are certainly going to post it on every available social media they have access to & then some! It’s human nature for Christ’s sakes! Everyone wants to brag & show off when they have something special! We saw him 8 times & were within the first 5 rows at 6 of said shows. I still have a million pics & video snippets! And I was the person who didn’t want to worry about videos & pics. I wanted to live in the moment to enjoy the music at that particular time, but we all want the moment to live forever in anyway we can! To be able to go back to that moment with just a glance at a photo.

There you have my opinion on the Jimmy Kimmel interview. I will dig around to post John Mayer’s performance on Jimmy’s show. It was fantastic as always!

John Mayer Road Session #9 & a mini Rant from me

Published October 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

How cute he takes a pic with a fan’s phone!  Isn’t that lovely?!?!  So we’ve seen him give an autograph on stage, drink someone’s drink, & take a pic now with a fan’s phone.  I’m more than slightly jealous & moderately bitter, because on top of all of those nice little things he did for other people & didn’t do for us we never even made it into one of these fucking road session videos.  Now the guy who tapes them is “Patrick” & to the best of my knowledge Patrick does most of John Mayer’s PR type stuff.  I’ve seen him posting instagram & twitter during the shows.  He seems like kind of an asshat for lack of better word right at this particular moment.  We’ve only ever seen him talking to the pretty or trashy girls.  Perhaps Morgan would have had a better chance without me there.  Who knows, but one thing I do know is: of all 8 shows we’ve been to  none of them were in the road sessions.  How does this happen?  We were at some pretty rockin’ shows. This one does mention Virginia Beach in the description, but not in the title so I’m thinking there wasn’t much.  Sorry, I’m feeling a bit grouchy & disappointed today…



John Mayer off to Denmark!

Published October 14, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

John Mayer & crew are about to begin the European leg of the Born and Raised tour. How exciting is that? I am so jealous! I love Europe and John Mayer and passed up my vacation this past year to spend the summer literally chasing him around the NE part of the US! And boy, was it a great time! As great as say, bumming around Ireland or Tuscany? Well it’s a close second!!!!!

Starting tomorrow 10/15 John and the boys will be playing 8 shows in Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and the UK. Looks as though they’ll be taking a few weeks off upon finishing the last show in London on 10/26. There are no dates listed then until 11/19 in Illinois through 12/17 in Brooklyn then looks like a long break til spring!

Well, we hope John takes care of himself and rests that magnificent voice and magical hands of his! I personally think he’s looking rather thin and very tired in his recent media photos. I hope he’s not over extending himself and putting his health at risk by trying to give too much on this tour! That, however, doesn’t change the fact that I want to see him about 546,194,348 more times!!!! Sadly, there is never enough John Mayer! Even when I think he’s acting quite douchey which really is not really all that often (but often enough), all I have to do is listen to 10 seconds of any of my favorites (Something’s Missing, Comfortable, Walt Grace, Edge of Desire, Waiting on the Day, Not Myself, Perfectly Lonely, Born and Raised….OMG the list goes on forever!!!!!) and I love him and all his doucheiness all over again! It is, afterall, what makes John Mayer, well, John Mayer! Let me restate the above. I don’t generally think JM is a douche like a lot of people do. I do think sometimes he gets a bit cranky especially when things aren’t perfect. I have a close musician friend to whom I am always comparing John Mayer, because I think they are so very similar in their personalities, skill and intensity and sometimes both are super cranky! lol Anyway, that’s a topic for another time. Just wanted to keep you all updated on the upcoming tour dates.

Gosh what I wouldn’t give to see John Mayer in London or Netherlands!!!!! ugh
Wishing you all a smashingly good day!



DSC_0039 e120ceea06a411e3b96f22000aeb0cca_7 john-mayer-new-orleans-jazz-heritage-music-festival-09

John Mayer ROCKED Camden 8-23-13

Published August 25, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

John Mayer was certainly “in the zone” on Friday when we saw him in Camden, NJ! What an amazing show!!!! Definitely the best we’ve seen thus far! The crowd was into it, the band was into it, and John Mayer was certainly into it! There was a kind of electricity in the air that I haven’t felt yet on this tour. What a fantastic show! We got to see John pull out the piano to play “I Will Be Found” from Paradise Valley for the first time this tour (well I didn’t, but Morgan and everyone else not having a hissy fit did). I believe he played it on 8-21-13 in Holmdel, NJ, but we couldn’t make that show. So it was a first for us. And what about that Zane Carney?!?! He let into a seriously intense guitar solo and he’s damn good! Keep you eye on that kid! I’m going to post you some of his youtube videos later. I’m seriously impressed! All in all, it was an astounding show!

Of course something always has to go wrong or we’d think we were dead, right? My review of the venue is far less flattering than that of the artists performing. First of all Camden isn’t known for being the “nicest” place in the U.S. especially for a couple ladies from the quaint little suburb of Clarks Summit, Pa. So we get there early as we do for all shows and not because we party or tailgate, but just to get our bearings and decent parking. There are who knows how many parking lots all over the place and none of them are open. Finally I ask a sheriff when we can park. Not until 4:30! Are you kidding me?????? I guess the law enforcement of Camden really feels tailgating is a bad idea. lol And forget about free parking! Live Nation makes a mint off the parking in Camden, let me tell you! $25 a car no matter where you parked and they did have “live nation parking” signs all over them. The center itself is a very nice place. Lots of concession stands so you didn’t have to wait forever for a water or libation of choice. So that was pretty cool. I’ve been to the Susquehanna Bank Center one time previously and I had seats back in the 200 section not nearly as close to the stage as we were this time. Our seats were front row to the left side of the stage and unfortunately for some unknown reason they don’t set up the bands in the center of the stage. They were more off center to the right side. Which for our intents and purposes was ok. We weren’t on top of John Mayer, but we could still see very well and that’s enough to make us happy! Plus we were right in front of Zane and I’m liking him more and more each time we see him! I did feel bad for the people behind us and further to the left, because there was at least one full section that was A LOT farther off to the left than we were. That would have been disappointing. However, those folks should be thanking whatever higher being they happen to believe in that they weren’t down closer to the stage. From the moment we sat down Morgan kept asking me what that nasty “porta-potty” smell was. Come to find out, there were grates in the floor directly in front of the stage and it was the smell of sewage!!!!! YES, you read correctly! Sewage! Apparently this isn’t something new because the security guys (you know the ones that stand there by the stage looking all tough and miserable as fuck) knew exactly what everyone was talking about when it was mentioned. Talk about nasty! At one point I actually had to leave for fresh air. I literally felt nauseous! Completely unacceptable! I plan on sending the Center itself and Live Nation an email about that! My only other problem with the place was that the people there are seriously like animals! No wonder they can’t park early or tailgate. The ladies room had no attendant which is unusual, but holy crap! The concert goers tore the ladies room apart!!! No kidding, The soap dispensers were torn off the walls, the paper towel holders were broken apart, there was vomit, urine, and trash everywhere! I’ve seen my share of nasty bar bathrooms and this was disgusting! I wouldn’t even use it and I know it wasn’t like that when the place opened and I previously used it. But even with all these things to bitch about, It was a such a great night!!!!!

We got a bit miffed though, because exactly one week earlier, Morgan took a rose for John Mayer to Darien Lake. Well, we couldn’t hand it to him so we finally tossed it up on stage and he never acknowledged it. Just walked right over it like it wasn’t there. So we said ‘ok, well shit happens.’ Fast forward one week later to a middle aged woman with a poster, flower, and a balloon that towards the end of the show she holds up and JM says “oh thanks you, you didn’t have to, but I’ll take those.” HOLD UP NOW, what was that? Yeah, and what makes it worse was she was right next to us and while I don’t expect to get any kind of acknowledgement or public recognition I do know that John Mayer and band have seen us and do recognize us from being at so many shows so close together. So, maybe it hurt my feelings or maybe it was my hormones, but I was PISSED! While he was standing there in front of us I actually called him an asshole and walked out for the last 2 songs and the encore! Perhaps not my classiest moment, but hey, I have feelings too and I happen to be more concerned with those of my daughter’s than even my own! And after looking at her face at that particular moment, he’s lucky he wasn’t standing next to me. Or maybe I’m lucky, because my motherly instincts kicked in and I probably would have ended up in jail! lol

In the end though, when they were done with the encore Zane Carney did specifically point to Morgan and tossed his guitar pick right to her. She was thrilled, but sadly, I missed her moment because of my temper tantrum. She was a bit upset with me, because I wasn’t there to take part in her happiness and then I felt like an even bigger schmuck! She forgave John Mayer his transgressions almost immediately. Me?  Well it took me a bit longer and even longer to forgive myself for not being there for her!

Stay tunes for some pics and see the setlist below:

Queen of California
Paper Doll
Who Says
Fool to Love You
Something Like Olivia
Dear Marie
Goin’ Down the Road
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Your Body is a Wonderland
Free Falling
Waiting on the World to Change
Waiting on the Day
Half of my Heart
I don’t Trust Myself
If I ever Get Around to Living
Born and Raised
Age of Worry
I Will Be Found

John Mayer – Bethel Woods 8-20-13

Published August 22, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

My deepest apologies for being so late with this blog entry.  Life has been a bit crazy as of late especially with my injury to deal with now.  But here we go…


Bethel Woods, NY was our 4th time seeing John Mayer in the last 2 weeks! Of course he was excellent as always! He kept his banter to a minimum as has been his recent practice, but he definitely appeared to be “in the zone.” He seemed to be in great spirits as would be expected with all the history of Woodstock surrounding him! The gods of rock must have been smiling down on him. He certainly seemed more connected with the crowd than at our previous show in Darien Lake. Affect wise, he seemed to be an almost different person!  Paradise Valley was released today!  Did this possibly have something to do with John’s apparent positive vibe?  Perhaps, or perhaps our handsome young minstrel is a tad bit moody and tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve?  I suppose moody and emotional are good qualities if one is to be troubadoring (I am well aware this is not a real word, but guess what?  It is now in the ChasingJohnMayer dictionary) around the world enticing young ladies (and old ones too!)  Therefore,  I have decided to absolve Mr. Mayer of his sin of moodiness from time to time so long as it is not all the time!


If you’ve never been to a concert at Bethel Woods and you have the opportunity it is a great place to see a show! It’s well taken care of with very nice landscaping & comfy, roomy seats. Next to the DTE Energy Center in Detroit it was the nicest of the theatres we’ve been to thus far.


There were as is expected a few things that kind of sucked. First off it’s a super long walk from just the entrance to the amphitheater. Thank God we paid for the VIP parking! Loads of venders and concession along the way make the trip down the hill to the seating area not such a bad trek, however, once the show is finished and you’ve danced all night and then you’re having to make the journey back up the hill is when one might ask, WTF was I thinking? lol Even that wouldn’t be so bad, but lets not forget I’m hobbling on a seriously injured knee. The smoking section is limited so after the show was over I walked up to the designated smoking area and parked my fanny b/c I was in need of a nicotine fix and was chased away by the security people and I’m not even sure why. It wasn’t like we were loitering for 2 hours. oh well! That reminds me of another issue. The staff, now I’m talking about the ones with the “event security” shirts on, they don’t work for JM, they work for the venue and at every show I’ve ever been to in my life these people seem so miserable! The ones up there at Bethel Woods had to be the worst! I have no doubt that constantly redirecting people back to their seats and out of isles does get old, but if you’re a music lover wouldn’t you at least enjoy the music, the idea of being so close to the musicians? To me personally, this would be an awesome job!!!! If you’re not a music lover why would you even have a job like that? The only happy “employees” were the old volunteers. The museum itself is staffed with volunteers and runs off donations. In random areas were the (most often times) elderly volunteers who you just know were at Woodstock back in 1969 were so friendly and welcoming! They were great! It’s too bad the rest of the staff wasn’t so enthusiastic! By the way the museum is great too!


Now with all that said and done the music was fantastic!  Always is, but (and isn’t there always a but?) John we wish you’d change it up a little more.  We completely understand that you’re anxious to play the new stuff and we’re glad to hear it, but there are so many different new and old songs we’re all dying to hear.  It does seem JM’s falsetto has been returning a great deal just in the couple of weeks we’ve been seeing him.  He makes it a point to “show off” a bit of it while he’s playing.  So why then not change it up some?  There are several songs off Born and Raised that we never hear:  Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey, Walt Grace, Shadow Days.   And why John are we always hearing Slow Dancing, Who Says, Waiting on the World to Change, Half of My Heart, I Don’t Trust Myself, Gravity, and Vultures?  (Vultures, Gravity, & Slow Dancing are a few of my favorites), but there are sooooooo many more to choose from!  Morgan and I continue to run to the tour app every morning to see the setlist from the night before and it appears that when he does throw in something different it’s always at a show we didn’t see!  How incredibly frustrating!!!!  We love anything JM plays, but it be cool to hear him change it up and really go crazy some night!

On a side note, we didn’t have the best seats for this show.  We were very far off to the right side of the stage so no good pics or videos, but at one point when everyone was quiet Morgan let out one piercing, tumultuous scream.  It just happened to be at the right time that it made it sound that much louder and believe it or not John Mayer himself even commented on that yell!  lol  So far we’ve done pretty freaking good at getting his attention in some way or another at most of the shows, but this was just hilarious!  Everyone around us turned to look at her!   Well everyone that didn’t leave because they were pissed that we were standing up dancing.  What douchebag goes to any concert, sits in the 4 row and doesn’t expect the people around them to stand up?!?!   That part kind of made me angry!


All in all it was another smashing performance by all involved!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re going to be meeting John Mayer.  He doesn’t seem to be socializing with fans very much.  Maybe he’ll be out and about at the Allentown Fair on the 27th?  We can only hope and pray!!!!    Tomorrow we’re off to Camden, NJ! (after I get an MRI done on this knee)  We can’t wait!!! Each one is just as fun and exciting as the first time!  What’s going to happen on August 28th comes?  We won’t know what to do with ourselves!

See the setlist from 8-20-13 below:



Half of my Heart

Waiting on the Day

Fool to Love you

Who Says

I want you

Waiting on the World to Change

Stop this Train

Queen of California


I don’t trust Myself

Dear Marie

On the Way Home

Age of Worry

Born and Raised

Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad


Gravity  (the tour app has the last song wrong)