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John Mayer showed VA Beach how it’s done 8-24-13

Published August 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Saturday in Virginia Beach proved to be another outstanding show by John Mayer and band! Again John seemed really into the groove and still keeping his chitchat too a minimum put on a fantastic show!!!!! These past 2 shows were both supercharged! Unbelievable! So happy we were lucky enough to be there for them! We got to see John on the keys again. Seems this is going to be a regular part of the show now and it’s a great addition! Also heard a cool mellow cover of “Friend of the Devil” for the first time this tour! We also got to hear “Why Georgia.” That’s a first for our ears as JM doesn’t bring that classic out too often. It’s nice to see a bit of a change from John Mayer! And Good Lord, I don’t know what’s gotten into Zane Carney, but he has seriously stepped it up a few notches as of late! Maybe it’s the announcement of his upcoming cd release and gig in NYC. Whatever it is, I say keep it coming. I didn’t know he had it in him and I’m really liking what I’m hearing! Think Mr. Mayer may have some competition in the future!

Again we were off to the left side of the stage, but could see very well! No complaints about that at all. What I will bitch about this night is: although most of the crowd seemed to be pretty intense, somehow we ended up sitting with the most miserable bunch of folks I’ve ever seen that side of the Mason-Dixon line! We were second row and no one near us wanted to stand. The 2 chairs in the front row were occupied by a couple who stood for the first song and then sat down. And hey, that’s their prerogative, but tell me, who gets front row seats and sits????? LAME! Then I had an antique couple sitting on each side of me and Morgan. At least the ones by Morgan stood up and moved around a bit. The wretched old man and woman next to me did nothing, but bitch from the minute Phillip Phillips started until they walked out towards the end! We were seriously cramped and in the beginning of the night I almost said the hell with it and left. I just kept thinking OMG we drove 8.5 hours to have a miserable time! I begged the security guard to let us stand up by the stage b/c there was at least 10 feet of open area by the wall there and he was an ignorant dickhead who barely acknowledged I was even talking to him. When he did his answer was “absolutely not!” Such a waste of good space for people to right up there to enjoy themselves!

Even with the crampy quarters and grouchy people around us it turned out to be a terrific show!!!! When I finally just gave up and said, “oh well, I tried, let them complain,” I felt much better! It was a splendid night filled with great music! I love the Virginia Beach area. It was nice to be back there. We had dinner at a great little place called Abbey Road Pub before the show. It was as excellent as I remember it being 15 years ago!

I actually caught Zane Carney’s guitar pick! Caught it! ::poof:: right into my hands! I was astonished! Probably should have played the lottery that night! lol On top of that, Morgan finally got her hands on a John Mayer set list. This was a huge accomplishment as she has been trying so hard at every show and always the roadies gave them to someone else. She was thrilled! I was thrilled! We were thrilled! It was a fabulous time and worth every minute and every dollar!

Setlist from 8-24-13 in Virginia Beach
Queen of California
Paper Doll
Half of my Heart
Dear Marie
If I ever Get Around to Living
I Don’t Trust Myself
Stop This Train
Why Georgia
Your Body Is a Wonderland
Lost at Sea
Something Like Olivia
Waiting on the World to Change
Age of Worry
Who Says
Born and Raised
Friend of the Devil
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Face to Call Home