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A Face to Call Home? and setlist from Chicago 8-9-13

Published August 11, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Again we are raising the question about John Mayer’s song, A Face to Call Home. I write this entry considering my daughter who cannot wait to get her hands on the setlists as soon as they come out to find out about this song and when JM played it. At the start of the tour he gave that oh so romantic speech about Ms. Perry and how she was his face to call home. blah, blah, blah…

But really, if they’re happy, I’m happy for them. My teenage hormones are not sending me into a lunatic rage over who John Mayer might be dating.
Is he gorgeous, talented, and witty? Absolutely, more than any man should be! However, I know my roll in life and that is to appreciate, observe from afar, perhaps even borderline stalk while he’s on tour, but I realize that’s pretty much the end of it. Anyway, my JM fantasy would be to be friends and just chill. I think he would be a blast to party with and get to know on a personal level. Let’s get back to why I started this convo in the first place. At our first show in Cleveland he ended with Face to Call Home which he has done at most of his shows. The next night in Detroit he didn’t play the song at all. That was kind of a shocker. And as you’ll see below, he played it early on in the night in Chicago. This leaves us wondering if after his time off, before restarting the second part of the tour something happened of which we do not yet know?!?! Oh I’m sure all the young damsels are sitting around hoping that our sexy young troubadour is single once again, but girls that is truly no way to build up your karma coins! Besides, why wish for someone to have bad luck when you can’t be there to even reap the possible benefits?

Anyway, here is the setlist from Tinley Park, Illinois on8-9-13. Can’t wait to see ‘s the next one…

Queen of California
Lay Down Sally
I Don’t Trust Myself
Waiting on the World to Change
Who Says
Something Like Olivia
If I Ever Get Around to Living
Your Body is a Wonderland
Free Falling
They Call Me the Breeze
Born and Raised
Paper Doll
Age of Worry
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room


None of my Business, but John & Katy…What’s going on there?

Published July 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

We’ve all seen the video clip or at the very least heard about how John Mayer gushed on & on in Philly at his 4th of July show about how Katy Perry is his “Face to Call Home” & how “wonderful & supportive” she is and then dedicated the song to her. blah, blah, blah… Yes it was sweet & mushy, but one has to wonder how much of that speech she actually wrote herself, with all her supposed demands & rules.

Nonetheless, up until recently he has been singing his song “Face to Call Home” as his last at almost every show. Now we’ve all also seen or heard about John & Katy spending some time together since his last few shows have been in California. (How about that poor girl who asked for a pic & he just did a photo bomb in her selfie? What’s up with that JM? No John, it’s nowhere near the same thing, but anyway…) Yeah, in CA & spending time with the honey & then… The last 2 shows he’s not played “Katy’s song” last to wind up the night. He’s also added “Fool to Love You” to his setlist as of late. Which could be just b/c as he says his voice is improving little by little & maybe it’s one of the more recent songs he’s been able to add. Then again, since John seems to express himself via his songs is there a little bit more to it?

I personally don’t like Katy & I REALLY despise that the media has named them “Jaty!”  That’s just plain fucking retarded!  My daughter Morgan, on the other hand  & I’m sure many other hormonally supercharged ladies out there certainly hope these are signs that John will be back on the market soon.  LOL   Either way, it doesn’t really matter what we think in the long run.  Just thought I’d ramble a bit about “Things that make me go hmmmm.”

What do you think?