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John Mayer’s birthday tomorrow & set list from last night 10-15-13 in Denmark

Published October 15, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

October 15, 2013 was John Mayer’s first show in Europe for the Born & Raised tour in Herning, Denmark. Currently, it’s around 3am there so the show was actually yesterday. And to get totally off track here, do you know what October 16th is? That’s right, today in Denmark or tomorrow in the US is JM’s 36th birthday!!!!!! I’m still trying to figure out how we’re going to celebrate tomorrow & what can we possibly give John Mayer for a birthday gift????

Ok, back to task here. The set list is up for the Herning show. You’ll see it posted below. You’ll also see it isn’t much different than most of John’s other shows this tour! He did play “Belief” & “No Such Thing” neither of which I got to see on our multiple show run, but all the rest we did see live & all were fantastic! I have no doubt this show was nothing less than amazing!

Here’s your setlist. While you’re perusing think about what you’d get John Mayer for his 36th birthday tomorrow & let us know! I personally am intrigued by the idea of what fans might send him if it were possible. Me? I’m considering a copy of all his different albums so he can remember some of his other songs!?!?! :X
Oh that wasn’t nice was it? Well it was a joke, because it doesn’t matter what he plays he’s always unbelievably incredible!!!!!! I hope I’m forgiven!


I’m so jealous of the fans in Frederiksberg, Denmark that are going to get to spend your birthday with you!!!!!  Hope you all have a smashing day!

Set List from 10-15-13 Herning, Denmark
1. Queen of California
2. Wildfire
3. Goin Down the Road
4. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
5. Half of my Heart
6. Waiting on the Day
7. Belief
8. Born & Raised
9. Neon
10. Free Falling
11. Something Like Olivia
12. Paper Doll
13. Dear Marie
14. Who Says
15. If I ever Get Around to Living
16. No Such Thing
17. Why Georgia
18. Age of Worry
19. Gravity