John Mayer Road Session #9 & a mini Rant from me

Published October 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

How cute he takes a pic with a fan’s phone!  Isn’t that lovely?!?!  So we’ve seen him give an autograph on stage, drink someone’s drink, & take a pic now with a fan’s phone.  I’m more than slightly jealous & moderately bitter, because on top of all of those nice little things he did for other people & didn’t do for us we never even made it into one of these fucking road session videos.  Now the guy who tapes them is “Patrick” & to the best of my knowledge Patrick does most of John Mayer’s PR type stuff.  I’ve seen him posting instagram & twitter during the shows.  He seems like kind of an asshat for lack of better word right at this particular moment.  We’ve only ever seen him talking to the pretty or trashy girls.  Perhaps Morgan would have had a better chance without me there.  Who knows, but one thing I do know is: of all 8 shows we’ve been to  none of them were in the road sessions.  How does this happen?  We were at some pretty rockin’ shows. This one does mention Virginia Beach in the description, but not in the title so I’m thinking there wasn’t much.  Sorry, I’m feeling a bit grouchy & disappointed today…




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