John Mayer live on Letterman 8-19-13

Published August 19, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Set your DVRs to tape Letterman tonight on CBS where John Mayer will be performing live!!!!! YaY! I’m very much looking fwd to seeing what songs he’s going to play! Morgan and I wanted to put in to win tickets to go see him live, but they were only giving away 1 ticket to each winner! Now WTF kind of sense does that make? I have no idea if we could have both won, but I figured there was no point in trying if we couldn’t be guaranteed 2 seats we’d end up wasting just one. I certainly hope being back at home in NYC he doesn’t have too late of a night and come to tomorrow’s show being less than the fantastic performer we have come to expect!

Unfortunately, John lost his bus driver due to heart problems when they were in Boston and we do send out our condolences. Having so much going on cannot be easy with the tour and the cd release. Now to have something so tragic happen on top of all that one can certainly understand if John isn’t in the best of spirits! I do hope he is able to carry on. We haven’t seen much from his personal Instagram as of late. We’re hoping this isn’t a sign of change in the wrong direction.

We love you John Mayer! and we cannot wait to see you for the 4th time tomorrow night @ Bethel Woods!!!!!


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