Seeing John Mayer 4th time approaching

Published August 17, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

This coming Tuesday will be our 4th John Mayer show. We’ll be traveling to Bethel Woods, NY which is a short trip in comparison to some we’ve made or will be making. We are super excited to see JM again as he is a fabulous performer! If you haven’t seen him live you definitely should!

The only problem I have with his shows is that I wish he’d change things up a little bit. Every night around half way through he plays 2 songs from wayyyy back. These songs he switches up. (Neon, Comfortable, 83, My stupid Mouth) He has so many other songs to choose from. I wish he’d tap into some of them. I know people want to hear “the favorites”, but there are some he plays every single night (Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Who says, Gravity, Vultures, Waiting on the World to Change) All great songs, I admit, some even my favorites, but there are so many John! There are even plenty of songs off Born & Raised to choose. Now here I must acknowledge the vocal issue John Mayer has been having. We all know about it and he has made statements about still not being able to sing certain songs. I am well aware of this, but you and I both know that surely he must be able to sing more than 30 of his 130 songs.(I’m making those #s up, I don’t know how many songs he has off the top of my head. I could look at my Iphone and provide an accurate #, but I’m not that concerned)

I personally love JM’s old, old stuff from Inside Wants Out & Room for Squares! Hell I love his new stuff too! Over all, Any Given Thursday and Battle Studies would be my 2 favorites. Not that my favorites matter to anyone. lol

Next weekend we will be off to Camden, NJ & Virginia Beach. After that we only have the Allentown Fair that we won tickets for on the 27th. After that our “chasing John Mayer” will be concluded for the time being and I’m not sure WTF we’re going to do then! It doesn’t appear that we’re going to have any chance to meet him. As far as I heard he has not made himself available to fans at all! Kind of a bummer, but we can always hope! We’ve spent so much $ on John Mayer tickets we should get to meet him by default!!!! At least that’s my opinion!!!



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