A Nugget of info about me…if you care

Published July 27, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

Well you may not care, but I don’t watch TV. Not at all aside from movies on dvd. Music has always been my passion for as long as I can remember! I raised my daughter pretty much the same way & listening to everything, however she does watch tv periodically. I remember when she was in 5th grade the music teacher told them to bring in their favorite cds. She took Louis Armstrong, my good friend’s local classic rock band Crystal Skies, & of course what 5th grader could leave out N’Sync! (well I still love JT, but anyway)

I’m also a huge Beatles fanatic! My biggest travel accomplishment thus far in my life has been to cross Abbey Road & sign my name to the wall. Well, below is a picture of my 25lb. cat, Rigby. I’m sure you can figure out where her name came from. Now Rigby, you see hates music & always has!!! What was that you ask? Yes, I said my 10 year old, slightly chubby cat who is named after a song (as all of my pets are) absolutely hates music. She’ll get up & leave the room when the radio is on & she will walk right up to & bite anyone who’s singing! How crazy is that? I wonder if she would bite JM? No doubt she would! lol She doesn’t care how well or how poorly a person sings. She hates it all! I just think this is hilarious & wonder how this is even possible? Poor Rigby! She’ll never escape the music in this house!


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