None of my Business, but John & Katy…What’s going on there?

Published July 26, 2013 by ChasingJohnMayer

We’ve all seen the video clip or at the very least heard about how John Mayer gushed on & on in Philly at his 4th of July show about how Katy Perry is his “Face to Call Home” & how “wonderful & supportive” she is and then dedicated the song to her. blah, blah, blah… Yes it was sweet & mushy, but one has to wonder how much of that speech she actually wrote herself, with all her supposed demands & rules.

Nonetheless, up until recently he has been singing his song “Face to Call Home” as his last at almost every show. Now we’ve all also seen or heard about John & Katy spending some time together since his last few shows have been in California. (How about that poor girl who asked for a pic & he just did a photo bomb in her selfie? What’s up with that JM? No John, it’s nowhere near the same thing, but anyway…) Yeah, in CA & spending time with the honey & then… The last 2 shows he’s not played “Katy’s song” last to wind up the night. He’s also added “Fool to Love You” to his setlist as of late. Which could be just b/c as he says his voice is improving little by little & maybe it’s one of the more recent songs he’s been able to add. Then again, since John seems to express himself via his songs is there a little bit more to it?

I personally don’t like Katy & I REALLY despise that the media has named them “Jaty!”  That’s just plain fucking retarded!  My daughter Morgan, on the other hand  & I’m sure many other hormonally supercharged ladies out there certainly hope these are signs that John will be back on the market soon.  LOL   Either way, it doesn’t really matter what we think in the long run.  Just thought I’d ramble a bit about “Things that make me go hmmmm.”

What do you think?

6 comments on “None of my Business, but John & Katy…What’s going on there?

  • You might be onto something. I was at the 7/24 concert and when he sang Face to Call Home earlier in the set list…well, I was surprised cause it’s been his last song for mostly each prior concert. He played 3 more songs thereafter (Fool to Love You, Something Like Olivia, and Going Down the Road Feeling Bad-Cover). I enjoyed the concert very much cause he is so talented…but honest, something seemed off with him. I too was wondering if the “something off” was that he was with Katy the night before in So. Cal (in-between the first two concerts in California). There could be a few other reasons instead (fatigue of the tour, the 100 degree weather, not wanting to banter much to keep more privacy in his personal life)…but he seemed dislodged with the fans/crowd. He smiled very little, looked a bit tired, and had very little eye contact with anybody in the crowd… and it seemed that a quarter of the time he had his back to the fans/crowd playing his guitar. I’ve never seen him like this in concert before. It was a different experience for me this time. I honestly believe he appreciates his fans but if I ran into him and I asked for a photo together…and he told me nah, I’ll just do a photobomb (cause Katy is here with me)… I would have just walked out of Starbucks not looking back. And I’m a huge fans of his, so it would taken everything in me to do so.

    He certainly treats his fans differently now when she is around or is effected by her influence. I’ve read this numerous times from other John’s fans.

    • So sorry I’m late replying! Some how it got lost when I thought I’d posted it earlier. I’m all new to this “blogging thing.” lol

      It’s too bad he seemed so distant from the crowd. Yes, there could be a number of things going on: the heat, possibly having to re-adjust to “life on the road,” being exhausted, a rough day, etc. Of course, one expects him to be an excellent musician on any given day, but I think his fans have gotten used to his silly antics & his happy, carefree ways that it’s most definite some are going to feel almost ripped off. Some artists are known more than others to interact with the fans & JM is definitely one of those who have always seemed to adore & truly appreciate his fans. I hope this was a one time instance at the show on the 24th and whatever was bothering him gets resolved quickly!

      I have been searching the internet almost daily looking for people posting about meeting him before shows as has happened in the past & haven’t come up with anyone talking about him being accessible to fans at all. Those of us who love him will always love him without a doubt, but I’m hoping we aren’t seeing a “new & improved” version of John Mayer. I’m sure there are many who would vote for the old “douchebag” as some have previously labeled him! Someone also said, “maybe, he just grew up.” Which is entirely possible, however, if grown up means putting a wall between himself & his fans I personally would rather him bring back the old John! I thought he was quite entertaining & funny myself!

      I also agree with you as far as the whole photo bombing thing goes. I think if I had the opportunity to meet him in a coffee shoppe & he wouldn’t take a pic I’d be more than very disappointed! I probably would also have walked out after I told him to go fuck himself! Even in the photo bomb he could have done something funny to make it look like he was really part of the photo. Sure we don’t know if this girl is telling the truth, maybe she was just “sneaking” a pic of John & Katy. For some reason I doubt that was the case. I’d like to take a minute here to make known that I do realize celebrities are people with lives of their own & want some privacy sometimes. Unfortunately, they made the choice to follow their “dreams” & as with anything else we have sacrifices to make to reach our goals. Sadly that sacrifice when it comes to becoming a famous celebrity is often lack of privacy. Along with that, I do recognize that often times celebs can’t stop to sign autographs or take pictures b/c they are busy or on their way somewhere. This was obviously not the case if they were inside a Starbucks. Having him deny me a pic would probably not make me hate him b/c I love his music, but it certainly would have seriously hurt my feelings & changed the way I thought about John Mayer as a “person!”

  • Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t have said it any better. I totally agree with you. I want to make it known, it WAS definatly the highlight of my year to see him again! I’m glad his voice is improving each day. I’m extremly happy and thankful for that. I too have not seen very many fan photos during the tour or fan stories on the social networks. I’ve seen a few photos but not as many as before in the past. The 1st question: is this is going to be the norm for John now? I think it may be in my opinion… at least for now. 2nd question: how will it effect his fan base (and future sales) who is use to more interaction. Maybe it will effect some people as they will soon find other celeb who will be younger, energetic and full of smiles for fans. For me, I’ve grown with John’s career. I will always remain a fan. I’ve stuck with him in the highlight of his carreer and also bad times of his carreer. But those bad times is what created Born and Raised. And although its not my favorite album…it has a home with me with all the other albums. John is continually growing and changing with his music. That I like. Do I like the new more private and wiser John. Hmmm…the verdict is still out here for me. I respect his decision for more privacy. I understand it bu, that bring me to my 3rd question; is it actually him wanting it himself or is it Katy influence? The whole photobomb thing has happen more than once and always when Katy was with him. I’ve read 2 or 3 stories about John rejecting a photo with fans cause he has this deal with Katy or he was with Katy at the time. These could be false stories but, I’ve read that when they are together, she doesn’t want to be interrupted or allow him to share time (even a couple on minutes) with a fan. I wonder how a fan of 12 yrs or more, that has bought every album, travel almost anywhere to go to numerous concerts, bought JM merchandise, donated money and time to his charity (that would be me listed above)…and they finally met him….nah, I wouldn’t settle for a photobomb.

    I’m a fan of John and his music…not who he is dating. I try to stear clear of John’s personal life even though it’s plastered all over the media and social networks. I wish I could put a filter on it sometimes. I hope he is happy with whomever he dates or ends up marrying. But sometimes those relationships bleed into how he acts or feels any given day…when I read our post, I realized you noticed something too. Well…only time will tell. And I hope you enjoy your upcoming concert. I’m sure you will, as he is very talented and pleasure to hear sing. 🙂

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